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Malawi Sports

In addition to Malawi’s famed natural attractions, a growing number of visitors are drawn to the warm heart of Africa to do more than just view wildlife or laze on the sandy shores of Lake Malawi.

Those who seek high-energy thrills come to participate in a variety of sports that allow them to see Malawi from a different perspective.

For example, Malawi is one of Africa’s top destinations for mountain bike tours, especially in the less populated north. The quiet roads, magnificent terrain and the opportunity to cycle in national parks adds to the appeal. Visitors can bring their own bikes or there are opportunities to rent locally and join an organised tour. There are day or multi-day excursions or more gruelling long-distance trips.


Kayaking on Lake Malawi is a further attraction. There are islands on Lake Malawi with camps dedicated to kayaking and operated by tour operators specialising in the sport.

golfHikers and climbers can enjoy the delights of Malawi’s deep south area of Mount Mulanje and nearby areas such as the high Zoma and Viphya plateaux with their unusual landscapes at cooler altitudes. Of course, it’s also possible to combine or mix and match hiking with mountain biking or horse-riding adventures in the same area.

For those seeking less energetic activities, there is always golf. The Lilongwe Golf Club was founded in 1930 and was eventually upgraded to a full 18-hole course. The tight tree-lined fairways make this a tricky course and a challenge for all players, irrespective of handicap. As well as being Malawi’s only championship golf course, the club offers facilities for many other sports facilities such as swimming, tennis, squash, snooker and pool as well as table tennis.

Beyond Lilongwe there are various nine-hole courses such as the Blantyre Sports Club, Limbe Country Club (also in Blantyre), Mzuzu, the Kasasa course in Dwanga and the recently completed course at the Mbawa Country Club.