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Malawi’s orderly capital

Lilongwe is the administrative capital of Malawi and, like all such cities, it enjoys a certain serenity and orderliness.

Although it has been the nation’s capital only since 1975, Lilongwe is a fast-growing city with a population of 750,000. In addition to government employees, it attracts people working for international organisations and non-governmental organisations. As a result, the city is more cosmopolitan than any other in Malawi, providing foreign visitors with a rather agreeable expatriate lifestyle. Advantages include no traffic jams, little crime, some decent restaurants, shopping and easy access to the natural delights of the Central Region.

A ‘must see’ destination for visitors is Lilongwe’s 120 hectare wildlife park, a delightful and well-run spot located in the centre of the city. Visitors can take heart from the excellent work undertaken by the wildlife centre in caring for rescued, orphaned and badly treated wild animals.

The city’s many government buildings are a key attraction, including a new Chinese-built parliament building. 

Lilongwe is an excellent overnight stop for travellers offering a range of excellent hotels.

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