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Welcome to Malawi

A hidden gem that will change your life

Welcome to Destination Malawi – the Department of Tourism’s official guide to the Warm Heart of Africa.

For those unfamiliar with our nation, Malawi is neatly squeezed between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique – a hidden gem awaiting discovery. Perhaps not for much longer, however, as Lonely Planet nominated Malawi one of its Top Ten destinations for 2014.

Lake Malawi – our ‘Lake of Life’ – is the body of water that dominates our country and the lives of many of our people. No visit to Malawi is complete without a visit to Lake Malawi, whose shores are dotted with excellent hotels and good-quality campsites. Lake Malawi National Park is one of our two Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Our nine national parks and wildlife reserves have been, or are being, restocked and restored to their former glory – often in close collaboration between the Department of National Parks & Wildlife and non-profit-making outside agencies. 

Malawi also has a delightful selection of forest reserves, all with their own attractions and ecosystems and located at varying altitudes. In contrast to other parts of Africa, our parks and reserves are inexpensive and uncrowded. There are strict limits on the construction of new camps and lodges, thus ensuring that our wilderness areas remain just that. P-Liabuba

Our two main cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre offer top-quality accommodation and have the necessary facilities to host large international conferences.

I wish to offer an invitation to visit Malawi. For many, it’s a life-changing experience; one they wish to repeat again and again.

Patricia Liabuba 
Director of Tourism

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